ACS develops and provides smart cards with a proprietary smart card operating system (ACOS).

Often noted for their ‘secure and elegant’ architecture, ACOS cards uncover the powerful potential of smart cards, enabling a single card to
support multiple applications, from physical/network access control to payment.

ACOS cards meet the security requirements of these applications via multilevel secured access hierarchy.

One of these cards, the ACOS5 Cryptographic Smart Card, is especially designed for RSA public-key cryptographic operations that are essential in smart card PKI, digital signature, etc

M.Q.O. 10 pcs

Pack 10pcs - ACOS3 32K Byte

M.Q.O. 10 pcs

Pack 10pcs - ACOS5-64 V3.00

M.Q.O. 10 pcs

Pack 10 pcs ACOS6-SAM