Contactless High-Frequency Smart Card Reader


HID Omnikey
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Contactless High-Frequency Smart Card Reader


Typical environments for the reader include healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, businesses, government agencies, and other agencies seeking greater security and access management.

The new reader has a built-in cryptographic module that supports advanced security schemes such as Secure Identity Object ™ (SIO).

HID Global's SIO-enabled ecosystem offers a highly secure, standards-based, technology-independent and flexible identity data structure.

The reader supports Seos® (Secure Element Operating System) and is part of the iCLASS SE® platform.

Provides multi-layered security that takes full advantage of HID protected card technology for additional identity data protection.

The reader is integrated and tested with HID Global's ActivID® ActivClient, ActivID® Applets and HID Trusted Tag® Service.


Leverage existing employee badge – Expand the usage of existing physical access cards to computer logon, as well as network and cloud access.


Support of Seos and Part of the iCLASS SE Platform -
Provides multi-layered security that extends beyond the fully leverages the HID secured card technology, providing additional protection to identity data.

  • Enhanced System security supporting high frequency credentials - including iCLASS Seos®, iCLASS SE®, iCLASS Elite®, iCLASS® , MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® and other SIO-enabled credentials.
  • CCID support – Eliminates the need to install drivers on standard operating systems.